Got a Big Project, Side Hustle or Passion Project that Feels Stuck?

Does this Sound Like You?

  • "I keep starting new projects and never finish them"

  • "I need to develop a plan and stick to it"

  • "My goal is a bit fuzzy and I need help to clarify it".

  • "I want someone to help me develop positive habits.

  • "I need a someone on my side to hold me accountable to do what I say I will do".

  • "I need a supportive partner to notice when I drift and quickly help me get back on track.

Nail the Next 90 Days!

Clarity, Focus and One-On-One Support

With the right methodology and support, you'll be amazed at what's possible in the next 90 days.

90 Days is an ideal timeframe to tackle those big ambitious goals. It's long enough that you can make solid tangible progress, but short enough that you can harness a powerful focus and sense of urgency to make your vision come to life!

This signature coaching program will have you in motion within 48 hours and building positive momentum each and every week.

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Dream Big - Set Goal - Take Action, hand

Imagine Having...

  • a clear vision to guide you and a bullet-proof plan for the next 90 days.

  • knowing exactly what you need to do day in and day out, week by week.

  • clear markers so you know when you're on track and when you're off track.

  • on-call email coaching support to answer questions and help you get back on track.

  • regular Strategy Sessions to hash out difficult challenges and push past resistance.

  • a no-nonsense 15 day guarantee!

Want to Know More?

Book a free 20-minute introductory coaching session. We'll dig into your goal, discuss your challenges. You'll know whether "Nail the Next 90 Days" is right for you and I promise you'll leave the call with more clarity about your next actions and increased motivation to follow through. 

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Ready to get into Action?


I first came to Craig while working on my PhD at the University of Oxford as I was failing to make progress on writing my thesis. I had tried two other coaches previously but they didn't work out. My experience with Craig was categorically different. Whereas the other coaches seemed to have a boilerplate approach to coaching driven by worksheets and platitudes, Craig really listened and understood the problems and behaviors I was struggling with. Over repeated sessions, he was amazing at spotting negative patterns in my behavior that I couldn't see myself and at providing concrete guidance on how to address those self-defeating habits. In the time that I've been working with Craig I've accomplished things I didn't think were possible. I've completed my PhD, published multiple peer-reviewed papers, finished three triathlons, and established a loving, healthy relationship with my soon-to-be wife. I can honestly say that all of this would not have been possible without Craig's steady, insightful guidance keeping me on track.
Adam Thomas, National Institute of Mental Health, Washington DC.