Leadership Resiliency Coaching

A 8 week Individualized one-on-one coaching program to develop change and crisis - resilient leaders.

No one in any position of leadership needs to be convinced that we live in volatile times. Leaders at all levels face uncertainty and change on a regular basis. Being able to maintain equilibrium and take wise, values-based action in the face of rapidly changing and challenging circumstances is a key determinant in leadership efficacy.

Resilience is the ability to recover from fumbles or outright mistakes and bounce back. But flexibility alone is not enough. You have to learn from your errors. Those with resilience build on the cornerstones of confidence — accountability (taking responsibility and showing remorse), collaboration (supporting others in reaching a common goal), and initiative (focusing on positive steps and improvements)

Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Program Benefits

Based on an evidence-based foundation of Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT), this program aims to enhance the leader's behavioral and psychological flexibility through mindfulness and
acceptance interventions in conjunction with

behavior-change strategies and experiential exercises. ACT has been shown to support:

  • Reduced Stress and increased resolve in challenging circumstances.

  • Increased Innovation.

  • Deeper Sense of Meaning and Purpose.

  • Enhanced Ability to bounce back from set-backs.

  • Overall Improvement of Wellbeing and Performance.

Program Format

The program consists of 8 sessions of 60 minutes conducted in person or via Skype or telephone, in addition to an initial intake consultation.

Regular daily support is available on-demand via text or email.

Appropriate assessments may be used and clients will be assigned readings and skill- building exercises to complete between sessions. Commitment to completing this work outside of the live coaching sessions is critical to your success.

While each coaching program is customized to the individual, the program maps to the following core processes:


Values Clarification: We chart your leadership course through the identification and articulation of core values.


These serve as a compass point which aids in determining priorities and serves as a reference point to come back to when you get knocked off- course.

Committed Action: While Values provide the direction, committed action is where the “rubber meets the road”. Through setting clear goals and measurable objectives, we ensure that you have a roadmap and are taking committed action.

Contacting the present moment: The only time you can take action is in the here-and- now. Honing the ability to contact the present moment enables you to avoid getting “hooked” by thoughts and emotions, remain open to fresh alternatives and better focus on tasks even in the midst of distractions.

Acceptance: When faced with difficult leadership concerns, certain emotions or “internal states” are likely to arise. Struggling to change or eliminate these can waste time and energy and, in fact amplify difficult emotions. Developing the skill and practice of Acceptance facilitates taking effective, value-based action.

Defusion: Having a rigid relationship with one’s own thoughts can block flexible thinking, collaboration, and coming up with innovative solutions. Defusion refers to the process of stepping back and changing the relationship with the content of your thoughts. This frees you to act on the basis of your personal values and the current environmental situation rather than on the automatic, unreasoned thoughts about the problem.

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